Elise Lindsay

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Website: www.eliselindsay.com

Elise Marie Lindsay is an exuberant and enthusiastic Presenter who effortlessly makes the impossible seem possible.

From a professional dance background and over twenty years experience she has a natural gift for breaking down new, complex choreography. Elise won the prestigious title of Pure Energy Presenter 2002 and debuted her first national tour. In 2004 Elise was awarded runner up in the FITS awards as Best British Newcomer.

Elise continued the delivery of her masterclasses on tour and at exclusive fitness events and conventions where she was soon renowned for her unique flair and teaching style. Elise now showcases her talent on the international circuit sharing a wide range of explosive sessions that include latin, step, jazz and conditioning to name just a few.

Based in Sheffield Elise shares her fitness knowledge as a personal trainer and runs two successful rehabilitation clinics in her local area. She continues to further work to educate and develop other instructors as a United Kingdom Flexi-Bar Master Trainer illustrating her professionalism and passion for both the industry and the people.

As a member of the Urban Funk Elite Crew Elises' obvious dance talents have been recognised as she now works to develop and increase the presence of hip-hop streetdance north of the border. Selected due to her technical ability and natural choreography skills Elise will be leading the way in 2006 as she aids in the development of the Urban Funk brand internationally.